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Now I Gotta Reason

Jerwood Visual Arts,London 2013

This evolving exhibition 'Now I Gotta Reason' was curated by Marcus Coates and Grizedale Arts, and brought together a number of artists to investigate the concept of 'useful art'. Here, Ounanian developed the Centre for Ultimate Wisdom, which through experimental iterations questioned the usefulness of art in relation to faith and belief. Throughout the development of the show, Ounanian drew on the history of Western Art employed by the church in order to inspire piety and reverence. Re-visiting the idea in regards to believing in things that can't be proven.

1. Steven created a pulpit which could split down the centre allowing for two speakers to debate.

2. Steven invited experts and devout from christianity and Islam to discuss the utility of believing.

3. Steven asked a priest to come and bless the gallery space. However, because the space has a licence for civil unions, no religious activity was allowed to take place on the premises.

4. As a response to this, Steven created a removable blessed wallpaper, which would temporarily bless the space where it was installed.

5. Steven built a sound proof booth, which, with the help of Helen from Brandon Tool Hire and a carpet drying fan, was turned into a tornado tunnel where visitors can come and grab random flying answers to their homeless prayers.