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The Robot

John Watts performed the first televised example of the robot dance aired on the Johnny Carson show, guest hosted by Bill Cosby in 1978. Ounanian and Watts met randomly through a gang intervention organisation.

An abridged account of the collaboration:

SCENE: Ounanian and Watts are milling about after a 2nd Call meeting

OUNANIAN: Oh hi John. Nice T-shirt – you look good today. WATTS: Thanks Steve. OUNANIAN: (sheepish and sprawling) So John, I had this idea last night... I was wondering... Do you ever think about coming up with an updated robot dance? WATTS: You mean, in light of the advancements made in robotics and technology? OUNANIAN: Yeah, that's the thing. WATTS: Let me show you something Steve...

{Watts pulls out a folder of clippings regarding robotic technologies, which Watt has collected from Scientific American and other magazines}

WATTS: You know, a real robot dance, has to tell a story about the robot you are depicting. These are my stories Steve. OUNANIAN: Cool.

{A few days pass until Ounanian and Watt's next meeting}

SCENE: In Ounanian's studio, where a green-screen and a DJ are set up, Watts enters dressed all in black.

OUNANIAN: Hi John. So, I made this video about different robots I think are important. Perhaps you could choreograph your moves to this and then we could composite you over the top. What do you think?

WATTS: Let's do it Steve.